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WOW! What a time in a young students life. An opportunity to gain a little freedom by renting a condominium on campus! Get a feeling what “real” life is like. Clean up after yourself, pay the bills, cook dinner and hang around with friends. All only a stones throw from the Quad and classrooms.


Help your student gain some valuable rental history prior to graduating! Let them have a chance to build a good credit and reference history while still living on campus. We expect a lot from our tenants, but we are sure with your guidance your student will be a model tenant…one that we will gladly recommend to other landlords. We truly want to give your student a chance to live in our condos. We expect them to be respectful of their neighbors and our property. We expect them to treat our property as they would their parents.

You can expect a lot from us

We have been in the rental business since 1989. We treat our tenants like customers. It is not uncommon for us to have tenants in our year round housing stay for 5 to 10 years. We believe they stay so long because we treat them with respect and common courtesy. Just like the way we like to be treated by our tenants.

Summer Rentals

We offer the condos during the summer months too! Summer is a great time for students to get ahead or simply catch up with course requirements. The summer rental period runs from the day before the first summer session to three weeks prior to the start of the fall semester. You do not need to be living in the condos for the next academic year to live in them for the summer. ALL ARE WELCOME!

We have a special offer for students that will be living in the condos for the next academic year. If you decide to live in the condos for the summer preceding your academic rental period we will give you three weeks FREE! You will not need to move out in mid August! Just stay right through the next school year! NO NEED TO MOVE YOUR STUFF!

Important Forms, Information And Links

The following page provide important information concerning the rental of a condo. If you are truly interested in renting at North Village Condos you should act quickly as units fill up fast!! Please review this page and return necessary information to be considered for a unit for the next academic year or summer! GOOD LUCK