URI Townhouses


Student Testimonials

Hello Zach, From very grateful hearts…Thanks for giving all four of us a great year! Hope to see you around next semester, and have a great summer!

Hello Zach, Here’s just a little card to show you how appreciative I am. I am very thankful you have been working with me and continue to do so. All the hard work you have put into the house looks great and really shows! I hope all is going well and will see you soon! Thank you for everything! All the best!

Hi Zach, I loved living in the townhouses! It was the perfect transition between a dorm and moving off campus, because you got to live on your own but did not have to commute. You get all of the independence that comes along with not living on campus, but all of the convenience of being able to walk to class.

Hi Zach, here is something for your website! Being a sophomore I of course did not want to live in the dorms again but my parents were hesitant about me moving off campus. Finding the condos was a great medium. I had all the luxury of living off campus, my car, my own room, living with friends, and the best, no RA, AND I was still with-in walking distance to all my classes. Also, my roommates and I made great friends with our condo neighbors and we had a great time hanging in our condo community. Living in the condos was an amazing experience!

Zach, I would be more than happy to write a testimonial. Living at the condos over the summer I had a better experience with Zach as my landlord than with any other landlord I’ve had in the past. The condos were clean and well maintained and Zach did everything he could to return everyones security deposit in full including checking them over before we moved out. All around good living experience.

Hello Zach, My experience living in the condos, this summer was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It had an amazing location, with laundry services right outside the door and plenty of dining options. Paying rent was also easy and hassle free which was great because it was my first time living on my own. And the condition of the furniture and house were all great. Once again thank you for the great summer.

Zach, Living in the condos on the top of campus sophomore year was such a great experience. The condos are well taken care of and a perfect area to live for college students. It is also a prime location because you are no longer in dorms but are close enough to still walk to campus and save money on gas. A reserved parking spot in front of your condo was also a great plus so you do not have to pay for URI parking, and always walk across campus to your car!

Hey Zach! Thanks once again, your services for housing and parking are easily the best on campus. See you in the fall!

Parent Testimonials

Dear Zach: (Condo Surrogate Dad)!!
I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with our move in yesterday! What an amazing experience! The organization of it was so professional. I was so impressed with the condition of the condo!! Absolutely pristine!!! So nice that we didn’t have to get out our cleaning products!!!! Thank you for taking the time to speak with the boys and us parents. It’s such a comfort to know how much these units mean to you and to let the boys know to respect it as they respect their own homes. It was a pleasure meeting all the parents and the boys and I sense that they are a great group. I left my son knowing that he is in the right place and that his living space is great!!!!!! All the best to your child on the upcoming wedding!!! Enjoy!

Thanks Zach! Emma loves living there and we are so happy to have her there again next year! It is a perfect home way from home!

Hi Zach, Thanks for providing the kids with a great living situation this year!

Hi Zach, Enclosed is Caitlin’s payment for the remainder of the school year. The girls love living in the apartment and we are very comfortable and happy they are in your apartments. Caitlin and the girls are interested in living in the apartment next year. Caitlin and the girls will be in touch and we are ready to sign a lease for next year. Have a great holiday!

Hi Zach, Enclosed is the December payment. I can’t believe that Bianca has already lived there for 2 1/2 years! Time goes by so fast! I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity you gave Bianca and her friends to live there. She has loved it there! It was the perfect option for her, and I’m thankful for your upkeep of the property. Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Zach, Thank you for providing convenient and affordable housing for my son this past year. I was very impressed with your rental operation. I am pretty sure, the system you have in place, and the speech you give to the parents and students on their assigned move-in day, go a long way in motivating the students to take care of the property they are entrusted with over the course of the school year. Keep up the good work!

Hi Zach, I want to thank you for being such a great landlord to my son, Jack and his two roommates last year. The condo was beautiful and I loved the fact that he lived there and didn’t need to worry about driving to campus every day. I know that the guys liked living in the condo as it afforded them lots more room than in the dorms, the opportunity to cook their own meals, if they were so inclined, and they still were really on campus and close to everything.

For our daughter’s sophomore year at URI she was looking to be assertive, move off-campus and take care of things on her own. My husband and I agreed as long as it was within walking distance of the campus. That’s when we found North Village Condominiums. We visited the URI Townhouses website and were extremely impressed with its simplicity and availability of information on “how to” go through the leasing process—Condo Rental 101, 102, 201, 301, Application, Lease –what could be easier! As for the condos, location was key; they were clean; new renovations; located behind two plazas with several eateries, CVS, etc– perfect! An added bonus is that this venture wasn’t just about leasing a place for our kids to stay; it was also a learning experience for them. Once the parents’ paperwork was complete and tenants chosen, Zach Schartner, met with the girls to review/initial the lease which actually served as a lesson on what is involved in the signing of a lease—Condo Rental 301! All of this was definitely a good experience for all of us; and a pleasure doing business with Zach Schartner and Fortin Place, LLC. Also, I did leave a voice message on your cell to “thank you” for the return of the security deposit–very much appreciated.